Sliding Scale Rates

Rates are dependent upon income. The following is a basic guideline for rates within a common household income:

$100 per 50 minute session for individual dialogue
$150 per 90 minute session for  individual dialogue or for Integrative Dialogue helping couples or families.

Honesty regarding income for a reduced rate is appreciated. Just as informed consent is an ongoing process, during the dialogue sessions, rates can be adjusted according to financial need and the need for increased frequency of sessions.

Fees for long term consultations, training workshops and groups will be determined upon request.

Adjusted Fees

Adjusted fee services are available on a limited basis for clients who have a need to pay less than the basic rate per session.


I do not take insurance. This allows me to provide you with conversation that is not directed by third party requirements and does not carry a diagnostic label traceable by other providers. I am happy to work with you on my fees in order to best meet your financial situation and frequency of meeting together.


Cash, check and credit cards are accepted for payment. An additional credit card fee of  $3.00 will be charged.

Cancellation Policy

If you miss more than one appointment without notifying me by phone (540-885-5105) or e-mail (DrArbaugh@yahoo.com) at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the entire fee of the missed session. Emergencies and weather conditions are always taken into consideration.