Mission Statement


     Much debate is made about therapy being an art or a science; I believe it is both.  A good therapist puts into practice artistic skills within the therapeutic relationship and incorporates the science that one learns through formal research and curriculum. As I move away from therapy and into Integrative Dialogue, I have found how a relaxed environment of communication can be very helpful for most people. 

     My education comes from a variety of backgrounds, starting my academic studies in a Christian college, working for years as a public school teacher, then finishing my Master’s degree and working again before achieving a Ph.D.  The learning that makes helping most effective is twofold, involving the creative perspective and the didactic component from research, books, internships and supervision. My goal is to create a safe place for people to express the many thoughts and emotions they need to share in order for personal growth to take place.  Walking along side a person who is struggling with one or many issues is a vital component of what I do.  I enjoy the challenges of helping a person or a couple to have a better life, better relationship or more meaningful existence.


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